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Search for the sound you never stop hearing

OutNow Recordings was created based upon a deep consideration of the essence of jazz and contemporary improvised music and all that this music has been, is now, and can be in the future.

The label presents new and innovative music that explores the many aesthetic and stylistic possibilities of the jazz avant-garde and beyond, be it in contexts composed, improvised, acoustic, electronic, “in, “out” , solo or ensemble.

The music found on the OutNow label represents a personal vision from each artist, shared with listeners who are as dedicated to creatively hearing the music as those who are dedicated to making the music.

Yoni Kretzmer – Jerusalem born tenor saxophonist, composer and improviser Yoni Kretzmer, begun playing at 14. he has so far released 5 Cd`s under his own name. His interests range from classic free-jazz, to the melange of utterly improvised music combined together with current day written music (as portraid in his CD “New Dilemma“). Currently, Yoni resides in Brooklyn, NY where he leeds his 2Bass Quartet and 66 Boxes quartet, both band have CD`s out on OutNow Recordings.


Ido Bukelman-  Ido plays in a variety of highly creative musical projects as leader as well as sideman.
Ido has recently been focusing on solo (acoustic guitar) playing, and is currently exploring the use of refined extended techniques and sounds.  He has so far released 5 Cd`s under his own name, three of them out on OutNow Recordings.