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Albert Beger/Gerry Hemingway There's Nothing Better to Do

There’s Nothing Better to Do, is the result of a Tel Aviv one night live concert.
A recording that captured two musicians playing together for the very first time, exploring each other’s emotional playground, Teasing, Interplaying, Pushing and pulling.
Saxophonist Albert Beger and drum master Gerry Hemingway walked a shared path together, carefully stepping on stones with bare feet, absorbing the heat of the sand and the freezing waters.
There were no notes written prior to this encounter, nor a conversation between the two. Obviously none of that was needed, as soon as the very first sounds where produced they instantly begun excavating in time their own unique voice.

Hemingway has a long and inspiring history in of duet playing, he has had long and fruitful relationships with legendary pianist Marlyn Crispell, saxophonist Ellery Eskelin, guitarist Terrence McManus and komungo player Jin Hi Kim to name but a few.
Beger, a key figure of the Israeli free-jazz scene is no stranger to the sax-drum duo setting. He has recorded and played with drum titan Hamid Drake and regularly performs in this setting with a diverse array of drummers.