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East of Jaffa

Sages is the title that composer-improviser-percussionist Ehran Elisha called the final track on the album East of Jaffa.
That piece, a duet between Ehran’s father Haim on piano and clarinetist Harold Rubin, brings together two musical sages in a stunning few minutes of empathy and dialogue.

Both in trio and varied duo settings, the music on this album involves total improvisation.
The astonishing results play out as if each piece was painstakingly considered and composed, yet with an air of joyous spontaneity, a testament to the big ears and collaborative spirits of Rubin and the Elishas.
The trio walked into a room in Tel Aviv in April of 2011, created this music, and then it was over.

  • Harold Rubin - clarinet
  • Haim Elisha - piano
  • Ehran Elisha - drums