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Ido Bukelman/Daniel Davidovski/Ofer Bymel EFT

EFT (electro-free trio) met for the first time on stage at Tel Aviv`s “October Jazz” festival, they introduced the eager audience to a set fully improvised music, while seeking to find the common and uncommon points of connection between them.

The unique instrumentation (electronics, drums and guitar) and immediate mutual click between the musicians, created a wonderful experience from the get go, and in no time, it was obvious that there is something very special happening on the stage.

EFT’s music is based on the spontaneous improvisational language created by the trio. This language incorporates elements of Noise, Free Jazz, Rock and contemporary electronic music, thus creating an immense sound and wild textural layers. This is the trio’s first studio recording.

  • Ido Bukelman – electric & acoustic guitars
  • Ofer Bymel – drums
  • Daniel Davidovsky – electronics