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Ehran Elisha

Composer-Improviser-Percussionist Ehran Elisha has been leading ensembles in his native New York for nearly three decades. On Kindred Spirit, his new double album, Elisha presents quintet compositions for two separate ensembles recorded within one evening at IBeam, Brooklyn in the spring of 2013.

“Spirit Suite”, a four-part work, features a one-off meeting between Elisha, Michael Attias, Yoni Kretzmer, Rick Parker and Sean Conly . “Kindred Soul” is a three part suite played by longtime musical partners of Elisha, including his father Haim Elisha, Sam Bardfeld, Dave Phillips, and most poignantly in what turned out to be the fifth and final formal recording with Ehran after 20 years of music and friendship between them, the greatly missed master musician Roy Campbell Jr., to who’s memory the entire album is dedicated.


Kindred Soul (disc 1)

  • Roy Campbell - trumpet & flugelhorn
  • Sam Bardfeld - violin
  • Haim Elisha - piano
  • Dave Phillips - double bass
  • Ehran Elisha - drums

Spirit Suite (disc 2)

  • Michaël Attias - alto & baritone sax
  • Yoni Kretzmer - tenor sax
  • Rick Parker - trombone
  • Sean Conly - double bass
  • Ehran Elisha - drums