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Ehran Elisha/Roy Campbell Watching Cartoons With Eddie

Watching Cartoons with Eddie, is the culmination of nearly two decades of collaborative work between drummer-composer Ehran Elisha and trumpeter-composer Roy Campbell, both native New Yorkers who have been prominent on the Jazz and New Music scene for many years.

Though comprised of only two instrumentalists, the album’s compositions, improvisations, and textures suggest an orchestral scope, and a panorama of stylistic ideas and aesthetics.
Along with their own creative concepts, Elisha and Campbell have created pieces that pay tribute to their inspirations, influences, and mentors, in works such as “For BD” (Bill Dixon) and the title track, a piece dedicated to the music and memory of the legendary drummer Ed Blackwell.

This album, recorded in Brooklyn, NY, in 2008, is a major statement in the art of the Jazz duet form between two kindred musical souls.

"The remainder of the material features Elisha and Campbell back in a classic free jazz encounter, energetic, spirited, full of changing rhythms, with ironic references to jazz masters as on “The Dizzy Roach.” “Faith Offers Free Refills” is a continuation of the latter with its African polyrhythmic drumming, and this beautiful recording closes with the quiet, prayer-like “October” All About Jazz

  • Roy Campbell - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Pocket Trumpet, Flute & Bells
  • Ehran Elisha - Drums & Percussion