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Gal Atzur Trio

  • Gal Atzur - alto sax

  • Shay Hazan - double bass

  • Ofer Bymel - drums

Gal’s debut album for OutNow Recordings displays Atzur's unique strength as an improviser, beautifully sculpting the sounds, textures and colors under his command. Even in the most violently burning moments, Gal never forgets his heart and soul and his love and admiration for heroes such as Albert Ayler, Charles Gayle and Joe McPhee. His trio, with double bassist Shay Hazan and drummer Ofer Bymel, is a true peach representing the fresh shape of jazz to come out of Tel-Aviv these days.

Alto saxophonist, painter, composer and teacher Gal Atzur was born and raised in Jerusalem to a local old-timer Sephardic family. As a teenager, Gal played guitar in the noise and metal underground scene of the city. A few years later Gal switched to Alto Saxophone and studied Jazz and improvisation at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, with notable teachers such as saxophonist Albert Beger. Moving to Tel-Aviv Gal became a vital force in the thriving Free Jazz and improvisation scene of the white city and was placed under the mentor-ship of notable saxophonist Assif Tsahar, who later recruited Atzur for his new Quintet.

Recorded by Mitzan Levi December 12th 2017at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv
Mixed and mastered by Yoni Kretzmer
Design by Roei Tzur
Executive production by OutNow Recordings