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  • Harold Rubin - clarinet

  • Illay Sabag - piano

  • Asaf Shchori - double bass

Air kiss suite is a live recording of a concert performed in Harold Rubin's living room, as part of the ongoing house concert series "Chofshi Basalon". This four part suite include improvisations based on Rubin's compositions.

Harold Rubin's trio came to life a year prior to this recording, played regularly, but they always felt the sparks flew the most when they were in there home-base aka Harold's living room.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Harold Rubin is THE pioneer when it comes to the free improvised music scene in Tel Aviv (and of course in the rest of the state of Israel). Rubin a painter, architect, poet, clarinetist and activist immigrated from South Africa to Israel in the early sixties. Since those early Rubin has been a spiritual guide and mentor to the many free players coming out of that scene. Harold played for years in front of audiences spanning from a hundred to zero and slowly but shortly witnessed a scene grow around him. His persistence and dedication in front of the challenges of life, leaves all that know him in awe. This recording is a rare gem which sees Rubin hook up two young talents who are more than sixty years his senior.