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Sarid / Kretzmer / Evans

“Bring” brings together tenor saxophonist Yoni Kretzmer, pianist Daniel Sarid and drummer Michael Evans for an afternoon of collective real time composing, recorded in May 2018.
Listening to the recording, we found two contending aspects of sound qualities apparent; outer sound and inner sound.
The outer sound - is the sound as it is heard in the acoustic world, in the “outside”, in the social realm of community. It is heard and perceived as the physical manifestation of expression, of communication.
The inner sound - is sound as it is imagined in the “inside”, in the private realm of thought, the unheard and the clandestine,  it is sound as the abstract manifestation of feeling, of ideas.
The process of mixing this recording culminated in choosing the inner sound quality over the outer.  Our playing and meeting was transformed and translated from the outer quality of sound, manifested in the real world of collective improvisation, into the sound of the inner imagination, where the miraculous translation of recording techniques brought us together into the realm of the imagined.

In Hebrew the word for love “ahavah” resembles the verb “lehavi” to bring. In “bring” we brought together our love of playing and congregating into the realm of the inner sound.

We now bring this sound back to you, back into the outer realm. Enjoy!
- Daniel Sarid, Tel Aviv 5.15.19

Recorded May 2018 by Chris Benham at Big Orange Sheep Studios, Brooklyn
Mixed, mastered and designed by Yoni Kretzmer