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Signal Gain - Josh Sinton/Dominic Lash

Signal Gain highlights the results of almost a year of research Dominic Lash and Josh Sinton conducted in Brooklyn,NY in 2011. During that time, Lash and Sinton met on a semi-regular basis at the (now defunct) Douglass Street Music Collective and engaged in a style of free-form playing that was pioneered almost sixty years ago in North America. For Lash, it was an opportunity to play regularly with a musician from a different geographic background whose personal history of listening only occasionally intersected with his own. For Sinton, it was a chance to play with the kind of space and intimacy his instruments of choice (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet) are rarely afforded and with a deeply compassionate partner. When the time came to document the results of their experiments, they decided to record some duo material in Bushwick but then hit upon the idea of inviting some guests to join them for an additional session. The guests didn’t have a history of playing with this duo, although individually there are many and various intersections between all the musicians. Hence the group sessions were informed by these intersections, but the only truly common factor was the duo voice of Lash/Sinton. The experience of the guests ranges very widely and represents many facets of both the New York (Kyoko Kitamura, Nate Wooley) and London (Alex Ward) creative music scenes - with Ingrid Laubrock having lived for many years in London, but at the time of the recording having resided for several years in New York.
So there was a certain amount of grounded spontaneity to the proceedings. For the group sessions, Sinton decided to make use of amplified contrabass clarinet, an instrument he had acquired in 2010 with the express intent of researching the implications of John Butcher and Nate Wooley’s work with amplified acoustic instruments. The results you now hold in your ears are a little slice of time from a small place where these folks focused and planned to the best of their ability.

  • Josh Sinton - amplified contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax
  • Dominic Lash - double bass


  • Ingrid Laubrock - tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Nate Wooley - trumpet
  • kyoko Kitamura - voice
  • Alex Ward - clarinet