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Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet Weight

Derived straight from the classic Sax-Bass-drum trio, Kretzmer’s latest projects augments this standard setting with the addition of an extra double-bass, thus creating a different balance, sound, deepness and flavor yet still maintaining some of the esthetics and clarity that made the sax trio so popular in the first place. One might say this quartet’s sound is obvious yet unfamiliar simultaneously.

Kretzmer’s compositions, written specifically with these great bassists (Sean Conly and Reuben Radding) and drummer (Mike Pride) in mind, take full advantage of the profound, even haunting, sound a band of this instrumentation can create and act as a vague frame for further development and expression.

  • Yoni Kretzmer - Tenor Sax
  • Sean Conly – Double Bass
  • Reuben Redding – Double Bass
  • Mike Pride – Drums