Yoni Kretzmer Garceless

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Yoni Kretzmer 66 Boxes Graceless

In this book of music, tenor saxophonist-composer Yoni Kretzmer, sets out to establish a “democratic” relationship between the per-determined forms and abstract improvisation. Meaning: a relationship it which the composition and the improvisation hold equal influential importance, where each influences, determines and in a sense create the other. All members of the band are soloists and take turns in moving forward and backwards depending on where the music takes them.

Exploring new sonic territories, tenor saxophonist Yoni Kretzmer’s five compositions on Graceless are skeletal enough so that the improvisational garments hung on them determine their silhouettes as much as the initial design. That leads to some provocative, freeform performances from stylists conversant with many currents of music.” Ken Waxman The New York Jazz Record 2014

  • Yoni Kretzmer - Tenor Saxophone
  • Daniel Levin - Cello
  • Eyal Maoz - Guitar
  • Andrew Drury – Drums