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     “Since moving here (NY) from Israel a couple of years back, Yoni Kretzmer has become one of the dynamic saxists to emerge from the Downtown out/jazz scene.” Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery 2012

     “Israeli saxophonist Yoni Kretzmer is one of the promising musicians that emerged from Israel's small and familiar scene. He has a unique musical vision, is well-versed in the history of the forward-thinking genres of jazz and is fearless and ambitious. So it is no surprise that, after relocating to New York, he formed a working group with local, like-minded musicians.” Eyal Hareuveni – All About Jazz, May 2012

     “Kretzmer’s vocabulary ranges from searing drive to subtle melancholy and receding mournful dives. He wastes little energy on frivolity. He is also immersed deeply in the tradition, referencing a wide-range of influences from the great tenor players of the 1960s to the energy music of the 1990s. And he manages to fuse these various strands into something largely new and exciting. One of the great strengths of Kretzmer’s artistic vision is the great range of emotional expression that he employs through his instrument. He can delicately construct a passage in one moment and heap fuel on the fire in the next, while making these transitions seamlessly.”  Cisco Bradley – Jazz right Now 2013

      “During the evening Kretzmer was revealed as an excellent saxophonist and a talented composer,but mainly as a wonderful and sensitive artist. Kretzmer's composition is superb, reserved andprecise; his technique is excellent; and his mastery of the instrument is marvelous...... Kretzmer was able to convey his inner world with the deft hand of an artist. A world filled with humor, sadness, fear, melancholy and joy. It has been a long time since I have been witness to such an impressive willingness of a musician to expose his most inner emotions. Kretzmer's stirring honesty did not leave the audience indifferent. The audience was totally carried away and believed him through and through. There were moments that I just wanted to hear Kretzmer play alone, with no accompaniment, so that this inner truth would not be lessened.” Barak Wise -, April 2007

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